USA Hockey End of Season Awards

Each year USA Hockey provides patches to players to recognize their achievements in the game of hockey. Players get patches for Shutouts (goalies), Hat Tricks, and Playmakers (3 assists in one game). We are so proud of our players that will be getting these patches for all their hard work and success this season! Congratulations to all of these hard-working and amazing players! 

Zero Club Recipients (Shutout):

Ben Wilson

Joey Perella

Jordan Lambka

Lauren Shuler

Lincoln Cox

Macey Nicholson

Noah Fields

Owen Mangold

Ralston Wilson

Riona Donnelly

Ryan Lowe

Shawn Francis

Hat Trick Recipients:

Ayden Shepard

Ben Horne

Cooper Cox

Dominic Petrucci

Dylan Dull

Emma Farrell

Isaac Ryan

Jackson Semplice

Jaxon Cash

Kaitlin Sable

Owen Young

Parker Ashe

Patrick Hunter

Rebeckah Donnelly

Ryder Baker

Ryder Corley

Ty Edgerton

Tyler Bright

William Barnes

Playmaker Recipients:

Ky Byers

Max Kelly

Milo McCasi

Riley Vavrek

Xavier Mangold

Hat Trick and Playmaker Recipients:

Adrik Shor

Anthony Bibartolomeo

Sierra Mazey

Josef Oliverio

Emmett White

Geno Valenti