Skill Development Programs

Morgantown Hockey Association offers several Skill Development programs to help players develop their hockey skills. This includes, but is not limited to: power skating, edge work, body mechanics, stick handling, passing, competitive contact, positions, etc.

Skill Development Programs

Level 1 - For our beginning players just starting out- prior skating experience is required (learn to skate, learn to play, or Little Penguins). This program focuses on skating fundamentals and beginning hockey skills such as stick handling, puck control, and passing.

Level 2 - For our intermediate level players who already have some hockey experience. This program focuses on intermediate level skating and hockey skills such as crossovers, positions, and shooting. (Required for our 8U teams)

Level 3 - For our more advanced level players who have higher level hockey skills. This program focuses on advanced skating and hockey skills such as edgework, systems, and competitive contact. (Required for our 10U players and optionally available for 12U and Girls team players).

Registration Fees

Level 1: $300/season, 2 hours/week (1 hour/day)

Level 2: $300/season, 2 hours/week (1 hour/day)

Level 3: $175/season, 1 hour/week.

For players registered for 8U travel or 10u travel, these fees are built into your travel registration fee.


  • Players registering for the 8U travel team are automatically registered for level 2 skill development.
  • Players registering for the 10U travel team are automatically registered for level 3 skill development.
  • Players registering for 12U travel, or 12U Girls or 14U Girls teams have the option to ADD level 3 skill development to their registration but you must register separately for each program.


Players usually start in our Learn to Play program between the ages of 3-10, but it is never to late to start learning! After that, the progression is based on skill level rather than ages.


Our Learn to Play program is usually held in September, and then our Skill Development programs begin in October and run through mid-February.

Extra Costs

For those that are starting out, equipment can be rented for the season for $50. This allows your child to start playing at a low cost before committing to purchasing all the equipment.

2023 - 2024 Season

We offer several Skill Development programs to help our players develop their on ice skills.

Please note, you will need your 2023-2024 USA Hockey number to be able to register your player. Please visit to sign up. 


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