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Recent Skill Development News

2021-2022 Skill Development Program

By Morgantown Hockey Assoc. 08/11/2021, 12:00pm EDT

Sessions begin on November 1st

The Skill Development Program will begin in November and run through the end of February.  We are excited to announce that our Skill Development Program will once again be ran/managed by Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Sciences at WVU.  Brett Anderson, a graduate student and the program leader will be working with Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach to design and run a dynamic program based on USA Hockey's American Development Model.  Brett will  also be working with and supporting the coaching volunteers who assist on ice.   Individuals who are interested in assisting with the house program should send an email to

Skill Development levels within the program are designed to allow skaters age 3-12 an opportunity to individually progress and grow.  The Skill Development Program is a non-travel, non competitive program that uses age and developmentally designed small games and skills based approach to help young skaters develop a healthy skating habits, puck handling and on ice decision making to support their growth in the sport.  The program is designed to group players of similar skill sets, and developmental level.  Placement and progression through the skill levels is not based on age.  Please note that participation in a level does not automatically mean an athlete will be ready for the next level.   The appropriate Skill Development Level  will be assigned to each player by the Player Development Committee, and the player must attend the session to which he/she is assigned.  

Beginner Skill Development (Level 1

The Level 1 program is for those that are just starting, or relatively new to hockey.  The Level 1 program is the starting place for learning hockey specific skills on ice.   To make the most of participating in this program, it is recommended that skaters have previously learned to skate  through a program like Learn to Skate.  The youngest skaters often benefit from also having participated in the Little Penguins program, however, is not required.  Young athletes who have not yet mastered the skating basics and/or who are not yet ready to participate in more focused sessions are encouraged to participate in level 1 for more than one season.  Skater should be in full hockey gear with an appropriately sized stick.  MHA has limited rental gear for families who are interested.   Level 1 meets twice a week from November to February - Mondays 5:15-6:05pm and Saturdays 12:15-1:15pm.

Intermediate Skill Development (Level 2

The Level 2 program is for skaters who have progressed past the basics and who are ready and able to focus on more advanced skating,  puck handling, and decision making skills.  Note that players who are participating on an MHA 8U Travel Team will automatically be enrolled in the Intermediate / Level 2 session.  Level 2 meets twice a week from November to February - Mondays 6:15-7:05pm and Tuesdays 6-7pm.

Advanced Skill Development  (Level 3)

The Level 3 program is offered to those playing 10U and 12U Travel.  It provides an opportunity for structured additional ice time designed to support individual hockey skating skills and puck handling, and it is highly recommended that 12U players take advantage of this offering. Players participating on an MHA 10U Travel Team are  automatically enrolled in the Level 3 session.  Players on a 12U MHA team are strongly encouraged to sign up.  Level 3 will meet once per week November to February on Monday nights from 7:15-8:15pm .