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Annual Meeting / Vote now for your 2022-2023 Directors and Officers

By Morgantown Hockey Assoc., 03/21/22, 3:00PM EDT




The Annual Meeting of Morgantown Hockey Association will be held Sunday, March 27th 6:00PM-8:00PM at the Wiles Hill Community Building Gymnasium (287 Eureka Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505).  All Ballots for the two (2) Officers and eight (8) Level Directors must be submitted prior to the start of the Annual Meeting.

Each candidate was asked to submit some information about themselves, and this information is provided below.  A link to the ballot is located near the bottom.

President - Mike Smith

I would like to take a moment to formally introduce myself. My name is Mike Smith and I am running for the MHA President position. I have been involved with Morgantown Hockey since 2007. I have three boys and two that are still a part of the organization. I have held several positions within the organization over the years including, coaching, team manager, equipment manager, ice scheduling, equipment/apparel ordering, Vice President and currently President. Being President I am involved with PAHL, PIHL and WVHL meetings and have close communications with each groups executive boards. I have a very good understanding of each groups rules and policies. 

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the organization and help in the growth of the sport within our community and the State of West Virginia as a founding member of the WV Hockey League.  As we are coming out of COVID and opening up the sport it is my intention to work within the organization and it’s members to improve on the programs. It will be important for MHA Board members to work with BOPARC on their ice rink improvements as well.  There is lots of work to continue doing within the hockey community and I would appreciate your support when voting and throughout the season. 

This past season I took a job away from home but was still able to do the day to day job of President and now that I have taken a job back here locally, I will be more readily available at the rink during the week and weekends. 

President - Frank Oliverio

Greetings! I am Frank Oliverio and I would like to be your next President of MHA. My son Josef (12) is a PeeWee and is looking forward to MoHawks and Bantam next year and my son Scott (7) will start Mites in the fall. My daughter Beatrice (11) also played for a year, and I have now Managed, Coached and been Vice President of MHA.  I own Oliverio Realty and along with my wife Amy we are proud to help sponsor many of the practice jerseys as well as other activities for our various teams.

I feel that our organization is at a crossroads, and it is time for new people to become involved and new ideas to take shape to help MHA change, grow and prosper.  As President is a 2-year term, I think we all need to look at what all will happen over the course of the next two years as well as what might be possible.  We will need a President that is able to work alongside BOPARC on the rink remodel to help it become the rink all of us want and need.  There will be many issues and opportunities that will arise from this project, and we should be involved.  It will be my goal President to continue the groundwork that I personally have already started with Mylan Park on a new facility that would also serve MHA.  A new rink at Mylan Park could also host tournaments, clinics, etc. to the betterment of our organization and kids. 

It is also my desire to work to grow the sport of hockey for boys and girls, travel, and non-travel.  It is also very important to me that we encourage parents to be more involved and allow them to help in any way they see fit.  We also need to work with and have the support of WVU, as we share the ice with their teams. 

Humbly, I think I can help with the above topics as well as foster a culture where the kids not only have an opportunity to become the best hockey player they can be, but a culture built on learning, kindness and support not only from staff and volunteers but the kids themselves and the parents. 

I hope that my time on the Board and coaching as well as the various interactions we may have had will cause you to look favorably on my candidacy and Let's Go Blades!

Treasurer - Sherry White

Sherry White is from Morgantown and attended WVU where she got her Bachelor's degree in Accounting and has a Master's Degree in Professional Accountancy along with a certificate in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation. She is currently the Plant Controller for the Morgantown Plant at SI Group. Her son Emmett has been playing hockey in MHA since 2015 and has just completed his 6th season of travel hockey. He will be on a 12U team for the 2022-2023 season. Sherry has served as Secretary for MHA since 2017. Her husband Brian has been an assistant coach for the past 5 seasons. 

Mini-Mite Level Director -  JD Clawges

JD grew up playing in the MHA organization and now has 3 boys playing this upcoming season.  He is very knowledgeable and cares about the development of the kids.  People know him to be fair, honest and trustworthy, and if you have an issue with something, he will get you an answer.  He is also the President of WesMon Baseball, which brings a knowledge of how other youth boards work in the area.

Mite Level Director - Mitch Lohiser

Hello I am Mitch Lohiser. I have been involved with MHA for the past six years. During this time I have volunteered in different areas, from helping with our house program to coaching various travel teams and have served as the Mite Level Director for the past two years.  I have a level 3 coaching certification and a desire to see our program grow and our kids have fun while learning the sport of hockey.  I have two sons that currently play for MHA, one will be a second year Bantam and the other will be a fourth year Mite this up coming season.  I can be found most evenings at the rink or on the ice. 

Mite Level Director - Fritz Leitenberger

Fritz is a native of Johnstown, PA. He has had an impressive playing career including ACHA Division 1 Hockey at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His hockey experiences include time playing with the Johnstown Warriors, Westmont Hilltop High School, and many others. While playing hockey in his youth, Fritz gained valuable hockey expertise from many Coaches and Players. Fritz still enjoys playing adult league hockey in Morgantown, WV. 

As a USA Hockey Level 3 certified coach Fritz’s primary coaching resume includes coaching Forest Hills High School Varsity, West Allegheny Junior Varsity, Little Penguins in Johnstown, PA and assisting with Learn to skate / Learn to play, Beginner (Level 1) and Intermediate (Level 2) in Morgantown, WV. 

Fritz’s coaching philosophy is one of development, teamwork, discipline, and fun! Fritz is passionate about player development, taking the time to get to know his players and helping players reach their potential while having fun playing the greatest game in the world! He is committed to excellence and strives to get the best out of every single player

Fritz would be a great representative to the MHA Board of Directors as the MHA Mite Level Director. Fritz’s commitment to player development, leadership skills and his ability to communicate effectively to players, parents and coaches is why Fritz is looking forward to this opportunity! 

Squirt Level Director - Eric Shor

Hello, my name is Eric Shor and I'm running for the 10U/Squirt Level Director. I have been involved with MHA for the past 4 years, 3 being with the travel program. My involvement with the travel program has consisted of being a volunteer on ice coach during practices. Professionally, I have worked in higher education for over 25 years, with more than 10 of those years being in administration. As a result, I am familiar with Boards and the work that comes with being a Board member. Personally, I've been the President of our homeowners association for the past 15 years. I believe I am well equipped to be the liaison between the 10U families and the board, answer any questions or concerns from 10U family members, and provide communication from the board to the 10U family members. I welcome your vote.

PeeWee Level Director - Joe Perella

I would be happy to serve as the representative of the 12U MHA members, coaches and players at the MHA Board of Directors. I have been more than willing to bring ideas and concerns of the MHA members to the Board for consideration. I have been a MHA coach/volunteer at the Mite and Squirt levels since the 2017-2018 season. I served on the MHA Board as a 10U Level Director for the past two seasons. I have learned a lot about MHA and the leagues our Blades travel and Mohawks school teams compete in. This season I filled in as the MHA Ice Scheduler between the leagues, BOPARC and MHA. I am happy to help in any way I can

Bantam Level Director - Hillarey Young

My child joined the organization 8 years ago through the Little Pens and Development program.  I began managing his Mite team his second year and have since managed for Squirt level 2 years, PW level 2 years and Bantam 1 year.  I have been on the board as a level director ever since.  In addition, I have taken the lead on the annual fundraiser for 3 years as part of the fundraising committee.

Midget Level Director - Jim Calain

I have been a member of MHA for over 14 years with House, Blades and Mohawks and have served several terms on the board representing various levels during that time. 

Girls Level Director - Ryan Wilson

I have been an active member of the MHA Board of Directors since stepping into the Treasurer's position in 2009.  While I'm happy to be handing off the Treasurer's responsibilities, I feel that I can possibly do a little more for Morgantown Hockey.  

My son, Brayden, who now attends WVU, began playing a couple of years prior to me taking office.  He started initially in the "House" program and then into the Mite travel program where I followed and assisted in coaching his teams at many levels from Mite through Midget, as well as some of his Mohawks teams.  My daughter, Baylee, basically had no choice to follow suit as she was pretty much raised at the rink from the time she was born.  She is now 13 and has played on various Morgantown teams (Blades co-ed Mite through PeeWee, Blades 14U Girls, and Mohawks Middle School) since she was 5.  In addition to playing in Morgantown, she has also played on a Carolina Jr. Canes 12U Girls tournament team, and the Steel City Selects 14U Girls team.  

Due to my exposure to other organizations, I have seen a couple of other girls' programs in action and am envious that Morgantown has not been able to adequately promote girls hockey.  As we ended the 21-22 season, and started looking towards the 22-23 season, I was concerned that we might not have a sufficient number of girl players to continue with our Girls Blades program at all.  For that reason, among others, I pushed for MHA's first Girls Try Hockey Free event that was held a few weeks ago. (I won't take credit for the actual work that went into making that successful, as there were many others involved!) I was very excited to see that we had approximately 70 girls sign up for the event, and it presently looks as though we may quite possibly have enough girls interested to field 2 Girls Blades teams in 2022-2023! I'm looking forward to continuing to work with other members within our organization to provide more hockey recreational, developmental, and competitive opportunities for girls in our area.

High School Level Director - Cory Kourtsis

MHA board member for the last 15 years.
High School Director for the last 3 years.
Son Nico plays on the JV Varsity team.





4:00PM, March 27th, 2022

* If a parent/guardian has more than one player registered with MHA, one vote may be cast for each player. A separate ballot is required for each player. You may only submit a vote for a Level Director that will be representing the age level at which your child will participate during the 2022-2023 season.

Election winners will be announced following the March 27th, 2022 Annual Meeting. 
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The RegistrarCoaching Director, and Referee Director for the 2022-23 season are voted upon by the newly elected board. Nominations for these positions will open following the Annual Meeting. Voting on these 3 positions will occur during the April Board Meeting.
PLEASE NOTE:  Based on current MHA Bylaws, only families with children enrolled in MHA, or current season MHA coaches, managers, trainers, or certified referees, are eligible to make nominations, vote, and/or serve on the Board of Directors.