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Register for Hockey (Skill Development / Blades / Mohawks)

By Morgantown Hockey Association, 08/04/21, 5:30PM EDT


Registration is now open for the 2021-2022 season!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 hockey season.  Registration for our Skill Development Program, Blades Travel, and Mohawks Hockey is available at this time.

We will also be hosting Learn to Skate (September) & Learn to Play (October) sessions, and those registrations will open at a later date.

The Skill Development Program will begin in November and run through the end of February.  We are excited to announce that our Skill Development Program will once again be ran/managed by Brett Anderson, Kristen Dieffenbach, and others from the  Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Sciences at WVU.

For those that are just starting, or relatively new to hockey, our Beginner Skill Development (Level 1) & Intermediate Skill Development (Level 2)  sessions are being offered for players age 3-12 and not participating in our Travel Program.  Skill Development sessions are established to group players of similar skill sets, and are not necessarily based on age.  The appropriate Skill Development Level (Beginner or Intermediate) will be assigned to each player by the Player Development Committee, and the player must attend the session to which he/she is assigned. (Note: Those players participating on our 8U Travel Team will automatically be enrolled in the Intermediate (Level 2) session.)  These sessions meet twice per week beginning in November.

The Advanced Skill Development option (Level 3) is being offered to those playing 12U Travel and wanting additional ice time to improve their hockey skills, and it is highly recommended that 12U players take advantage of this offering.  (Note: Those players participating on either of our two 10U Travel Teams will automatically be enrolled in the Advanced (Level 3) session.)  This session will meet once per week beginning in November.

Our Blades Travel and Mohawks Hockey players will take the ice in mid-August.  For those players that paid a commitment fee in the spring, your commitment fee coupon code will arrive in your email inbox.   Some players may receive other coupon codes as well (Credit Balance, Developmental Player, Goalie Discount, etc.) 

NOTE:  All  Coupon Codes will expire on August 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM.

REGISTRATION WEBPAGE!  (link will open in a new window)

Once you're on the Registration webpage, locate and select the MHA ONLINE REGISTRATION link located about half-way down the page.  The 2021-2022 Fee Schedule is available at the top of the web page. 

Prior to registering, you must first complete your USA Hockey Registration.  (You will need the 14 digit Confirmation Number for the 2021-2022 season in order to complete your MHA Registration.)  After completing the USA Hockey Registration, select the link for MHA Online Registration, to complete the registration process.


MHA began using a new registration system beginning last season.  You should find the registration process to be fairly straight forward, but here are some notes to follow when registering...........

Once you select the MHA ONLINE REGISTRATION link from the Registration Webpage, you will be taken to the Session Selection page.  On this page, you will select all sessions/teams from the Session List for all children that you are registering by clicking on the appropriate ADD TO CART button(s).  (You will assign the child's name to the session on a subsequent page.)  If you are registering multiple children to the same session/team, then you will add that session/team to your cart twice.  After selecting all desired sessions/teams, verify that YOUR SHOPPING CART items and quantities are correct.  Then click on CONTINUE.

The next page will be the Registration Information page.  You will first enter your email address, and if you have an account already created you will be prompted for your password.  Otherwise, you will setup your account information on a later page.  Once this is complete, you will enter information for PARTICIPANTS & OPTIONS.  For each session option, you will need to enter the player's USA Hockey Registration Number.  Important: If registering more than one player, be sure to enter the USA Hockey Registration Number for the player that will be registering for that session.  Once the USA Hockey Registration Number is verified, you will be shown the session options (some of which are pre-checked, and the Equipment Rental option is available if needed).  If you wish to purchase merchandise (jerseys, warmups, bags, socks, etc.), you may do so here as well.  (Note: The merchandise options can be added later from your Online Account.)  When you have completed this session's registration, click on the CONTINUE button.  If you are registering other players and/or other sessions, simply follow the prompts.

After all session registration information is completed, you will then continue to fill out the requested forms.  When you are finished with this, click on the CONTINUE TO CART button, where you can finalize your registration and make the payment.  It is on this page that you can enter any Coupon Codes that you were given.  These include codes for the previously paid Commitment Fee (if you previously registered for tryouts for 10U, 12U, 14U, 18U or any of the Mohawks teams), or for any other discount code that you may have received.  Once all coupon codes have been applied, you can choose to either Pay in Full, or utilize the Payment Plan.  If choosing the payment plan, approximately 20% will be due at time of registration.  The balance will then be divided among 4 future payments, which will be charged to your method of payment on October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, and January 1st.

After completing the registration and payment, you should receive an email confirmation.